About us

Mission & Ethos

Borne out of a frustration that our farm couldn't afford an autosteer system, our mission is simple:
Make precision technology affordable for every farmer.
CSEQ Technologies Ltd was founded in 2022 to do just that, making hardware to work with AgOpenGPS.
Our design ethos is to make straightforward, easy to use equipment that doesn't hold you back with arbirtary limits.
We don't believe in software unlocks, so you can be sure that your purchase will have the capacity to grow with your business.

Our Team

Charles Quick

Founder -- CSEQ Technologies Ltd

Farmer --- Central Somerset

Mechanic - Deepest Antarctica

  • 2014–2018: University of Nottingham, Crop Science & Computer Science.
  • 2018–2020: British Antarctic Survey, Mobile Plant Operator/Mechanic.
  • 2018–present: Partner, Thurloxton Farm. Regenerative arable & fruit.
  • 2022–present: Director, CSEQ Technologies Ltd.
Email: info@cseq.co.uk Phone: 07971 104466
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