Box 3

Rugged | Dependable | Adaptable

The new Box 3 is our latest steering controller, designed from the ground up for simplicity and reliability.
Powered by AgOpenGPS with the latest features such as U-Turn, advanced A-B line creation and more.
Updates available frequently, for free.


  • CANBUS Capable - Effortless installation on steer-ready tractors.
  • Hydraulic proportional valve, safety valve and wheel angle sensor included. (non-CANBUS variant)
  • 4x 12v section outputs - Easily control sprayers, drills and spreaders.
  • Workswitch input - Control mapping from the implement's position.
  • External IMU for easy installation.
  • 2x PoE Ethernet ports for future expansion.
  • Pre-configured Windows tablet and full wiring loom included. Just plug everything together, and connect power!
  • Integrated 4G modem with dual SIM slots. Receive RTK corrections across multiple networks and avoid dead-spots.
  • L1/L2 RTK receiver across 4 constellations - GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou - Delivering accuracy down to 2cm
  • Only £2950. Available autumn 2024 - Register your interest now

Coming Soon

  • Section Control

    16 section outputs, 16 switch inputs, 2x rate controllers. Variable-rate compatible. Multiple units can be daisy-chained for more sections.

  • Base Station

    Raspberry Pi CM4 powered ultra-compact, ultra low-cost base station, as used in our RTK network. Available for purchase soon.

Custom Projects | Brain for Hire

    We undertake custom projects on commission, from automatic weighing systems, to phone-operated gates, to a laser activated self-opening coffin for a farm shop's halloween event.

    We are willing not only to get our hands dirty, but also to sweat the theoretical minutae and carry out analysis from a fag packet to a full mathematical model. Our talents lie at the intersection of mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and software; allowing us to create straightforward, elegant machines that make the best use of each area's strengths, while keeping costs to a minimum.

    All projects considered; from simple, to complex, to utterly harebrained! We'll make it work.