Free RTK

The Qnet RTK network is made up of base stations, spaced such that each one covers approximately a 30km radius.
If you are in a new service area for us, along with the purchase of a Box3 you will be offered a free base station, if you are willing and able to support it with a wired internet connection, electricity (approx. 5W) and a clear view of the sky.
In return for hosting, you will receive one free RTK signal for use with your Box3, or any other GPS receiver supporting NTRIP.

True Accuracy

All our base stations are cross-referenced against the Ordnance Survey, ensuring accuracy with 'ground truth'. You can also seamlessly switch between base stations while retaining centimetre-level accuracy. Each base station connects to our central server, which then sends your receiver the nearest available correction signal. This allows for roaming across our entire service area, and resilience in case of an outage at one base station.


We have been able to harness the latest advancements in GPS technology to offer an earth-shatteringly cheap GPS correction service, without compromising on quality. If you are already in a Qnet service area, signals cost £120/year.

New Service Area, New Box Inside Service Area, New Box New Service Area, existing GPS receiver Inside Service Area, existing GPS receiver
Price £0.00/yr £120.00/yr £120.00/yr - Buy One Get One Free £120.00/yr

If you would like to use our RTK without buying an autosteer system, we will send you a free base station on the same terms, but you must also purchase at least one RTK subscription alongside (or convince your neighbour to buy one!)
RTK signals are strictly for use on one machine at a time. If you have two boxes, you will need two signals.
In order to offer you the most flexibility, with lowest overall cost, we do not provide SIM cards for use with our signals.
Depending on your usage level, you could add a data-only SIM to your existing business contract, buy a cheap pay-as-you-go SIM, or even use Hotspot mode on your phone.


Our correction signals will work with 3rd party receivers that are suitably unlocked for RTK over NTRIP, and have appropriate hardware (cell modem).
In order to receive the correction stream in AgOpenGPS, the Windows tablet will need to be connected to the internet. In the Box3 there are two SIM card slots for this purpose, or you could connect Windows to a WiFi hotspot if required.
On a 3rd party receiver, you will generally need to insert a SIM card into the modem module - Please refer to your specific user manual.

Terms of Offer

Base stations remain the property of CSEQ Technologies Ltd.
As others will be relying on the corrections provided by your free base station, it is expected you do your utmost to ensure your base station remains online at all times.
While the network is designed with sufficient overlap to tolerate occasional failures, prolonged or frequent outages may result in your free RTK offer being revoked, and transferred to another host in your region.